Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Horlick - The Love of My Life

I have been treating myself well these days.
Having lots of Japanese food and enjoying them, bought myself a few workout attire from Adidas and dreaming of holidays amongst other things...

Having Horlick around meant that the tendency of me travelling is kept to the minimum.
He has been staying with me for close to 6 weeks now.
He's still meowing for me outside my door every morning, sometimes TOO early.
When I got out, he shuts up. He wants nothing but just to see me.
He's not even clingy towards me when I resurfaced from my room. He simply wants to see me.

His bald area at his back is getting bigger. I've decided to let it be and stop applying cream for him.
It's stress related and there's nothing I can do except try my best to make him happy.
This boy of mine is afraid of thunder and lightning. Rainy days are not his best days. Lol...
Update: After weeks later, his bald area is going through a season of Spring. Meaning, there's some 'hair' growing in small little patches.

I'm happy that he's getting closer to me and listens to me more often.
I guess time spent together really is the essence here.

I love him dearly. I started to have the habit of letting him see/smell my meals before I devour them.
If it's something which he approved, he would lick his mouth.
I've come to realize that he's not a veggie boy. Neither is he a fruits boy.
I'm glad he drinks plenty and goes to the toilet often.
He's still not used to the kids being around.
I know because the second they are out of the house for good, Horlick plays with his branch.
His appetite also came back IMMEDIATELY. Ha! My boy...
Update: After 2 months plus with the boys over for the weekend, Horlick has now grown used to their existence. He now eats when the kiddos are around.

I talk about him with pride, lots of pride. He's my bundle of joy and I'm glad God puts him in my life.
Just yesterday, J had a bout of really bad back pain and I've to attend to him.
Horlick managed to sneak into the room.
Before I know it, he jumped up and was right outside of the window. There are slopping tiles there.
DANGER! I quickly got him out and told him that it's dangerous.
Had I been later to find out, I fear that might be the end of him, 9 lives or not.

Look at me now... All talk about him. Ha ha... I'm loving it!

Dreamy C

Monday, 8 August 2016

Horlick The Cat

As of 30th July 2016, Horlick has entered the residence.
The Dowager decided not to keep him anymore.
She constantly complained about him making her home dirty and his inability to stop scratching.
I would say that all these are normal traits of cats.
Whether you like it or not, they scratch even when a scratching pole is available.
I don't blame her since her work is hectic and she doesn't have a helper.
I would say that he wants Horlick but at the same time, doesn't want the hassle that comes along with it. With pets, it's not this way at all. You cannot choose all the good things of pets and ditch all the bad. It's all in a package. Either you accept him/her or you don't entirely.

As such, I've made the decision to keep him and I intend to do so for the rest of his life. I've told The Dowager that if she changes her mind weeks or months down the road and wants him back, there's no way I'm going to shift him. Simply because it's so stressful for him.

Since having him, I would say that yes, he scratch many chairs and the carpet as well. We will just say 'No Horlick' to him when he's doing the deed. Then, he would seem to be complaining. Lol... I must say he brings joy to me definitely. It feels good having him at my door to wake me up in the morning (he doesn't sleep with me), he's more clingy towards me, he responds when I call him and he's generally closer to me within a short span of a few days. I'm glad I have him now with me and I'm very thankful towards J for permitting Horlick to stay over. Sure, he could have objected but he didn't. J loves cleanliness in the house and I thought he would not be able to tolerate Horlick's fur 'floating' around the house and landing on areas where the fur looked obvious to sight example on a black floor tile. I'm glad J is tolerant till now. I'm sure IF given a choice, he would have preferred not having Horlick but then again, if Horlick is not with us, J doesn't get to see me often since I would spend my weekends out of the house. With Horlick in the house, I tend to want to spend time with him and hence, would spend more time at home and even if I do go out, I'm not out for too long. At least, I make sure I'm at home when the kiddos stay over. The last thing I want is for Horlick to be stressed out and for him to be hurt. I'm sure Horlick can protect himself but one can never be too careful and too sure...

I've uploaded pictures and videos of Horlick on my Instagram so if you're interested to follow the journey of Horlick, go check it out!

Well, that's my latest update for you.
Have a great day peeps!

Dreamy C

Monday, 18 April 2016

An Update

I have been busy.
Busy eating.
I watched 2 x movies recently - The Huntsman & The Jungle Book.
The Huntsman - Overhyped. Disappointing.
The Jungle Book - Enjoyed it thoroughly.
I took a break from creating cards.
I've been spending more time on the Bible now that BSF started since February.
I also handled some issues with my marriage recently.
I've gotten really tired and I've finally made a decision.
Now, it's up to my partner on how much he wants to keep the marriage.
I shall not go into details but I'm finally at peace with myself, I'm able to find joy in simple things in life and I treat myself better. Best part? I'm able to sleep better these nights.
I no longer yell in the middle of my sleep. Yes, that's how bad the marriage made me.
I also made a trip to KL to visit Chub Chub!
After this trip, I realized how stinking adorable she can be, how notti she can be and how manipulative she can turn out to be. Ha ha...! I missed her the minute I stepped foot into Singapore.
I'm planning another trip, probably in September since there's a public holiday then.
I celebrated Mom's b'day last month and my bro & I brought her for a Crab dinner @ Still Road, which happens to be her favourite. Dowager's important day. We must satisfy her. Ha ha...!
I've also been busy exercising. I weighed 64kg and after 3 months of on-off exercise, I'm now at 61kg! Not bad I should say but most importantly is that I feel really good after all the sweat. I also bought some sports bra from Lululemon. Sexy and in bright colours - orange and pink. Love them!
I'm looking forward to June as I'll be travelling to Bangkok with a girlfriend!
KL in March 2016
Bangkok in June 2016
KL in September 2016 (probably)
Taiwan or Hong Kong in December 2016
So there you have it! My travel plans for Year 2016! I'm going to make sure I'm not in Singapore on my special day! A promise I've been thinking of but not fulfilled yet. I intend to fulfill it this year!
Have fun Y'all!!!
Dreamy C

Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year???

What is so happy about the new year?
Isn't it just another day, another year?
I believe New Year is just one of those days where human beings come up with to give themselves an excuse to party, eat and be merry.
I understand festivals such as Christmas, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Vesak Day etc.
These are religious festivals but new year? What is that???
Is this year supposed to be any different than the next?

If you're thinking about new year resolutions, I say don't bother.
Hardly anyone keeps them. 
At least for me, I've not met anyone who managed to keep them through the year.

If you're thinking about reflecting and try to make yourself a better YOU next year, I say why wait till the new year??? Make the change now!

So what exactly is worth celebrating for the new year? A fresh start?
Do we REALLY need a reason in order to make a fresh start?

Okie enough negativity... I wish you a GREAT day everyday and not a new year... Ha ha...

Dreamy C

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 11 and Day 12

Day 11 is just a day that I have as a buffer. It's for when we have nothing planned out for the day but just check out places which we've missed earlier. Turned out we stayed in hotel room most of the time and laze around... It rained which makes dampened our mood of going out.

We went to Chia Te for souvenirs and I bought a lot!
This egg tart? Nothing special...

Eeyore's Last Night in Taiwan

My splurge - Shilin Night Market
Shilin Night Market has very nice food especially Hot Star Chicken. Superb!
Nice clothes as well!

And nice earrings!

Day 12...

The Dowager OOTD

Our last meal in Taiwan...

In summary, Taiwan is definitely a place I would go AGAIN and AGAIN! So many other places I've not been to. Kenting, Kaoshiung, Taitung, Alishan, Wulai, Miaoli etc.

I'm planning another trip December 2016 to the same places i.e. Hualien, Hehuanshan, Taipei.
I'll be going with J for the next trip. I've yet to obtain his 100% approval but we talked about it briefly and he's interested to check it out. For my next trip, I intend to stay at Song Syue Lodge for at least a night. After that, Year 2017 will most probably be Vietnam or Japan. We'll see... 
But before all these, BKK first in June next year! Whoo hoo...

Holidays are fun! It's a great time for one to relax and learn more about people from other countries!
So save up and travel! It's priceless!

Dreamy C

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 10

Day 10 is another tour... This time, our driver is Andy.
Previously in Hualien, our driver is Neil. Neil speaks good English, is never late, very thoughtful (he cleans our cutleries with tissue paper and he helps order our food), gives good suggestions (he was the one who recommended us to the delicious food cooked by an Aboriginal family near Hotel Bayview), is always ready to help take photos for us (most of the time, w/o us even asking), is flexible (even offered driving us to Hualien City for dinner when it's past after 6 PM and he hasn't even taken his dinner!), very helpful and overall, a really pleasant experience with him! He even bought us Mochi and Bubble Tea!

Now let's talk about Andy. Andy is just as nice. He's recommended by Neil in fact. I found out later that they are school friends. Andy is also just as obliging, friendly, courteous, has good knowledge, speaks good English and like Neil, he bought something for us to try which I've forgotten what it was. Bwah ha ha... If you're interested in getting their contact numbers, drop me an email. I'm happy to assist!

1st stop - Yeliu Geopark
This is what looks like a turtle here...

The infamous Queen Head
Her neck is getting thinner and thinner so come and see her soon!


Next stop - Theresa Teng's Grave
This was impromptu. Mommy just wants to check it out.
I found out that the grave yard there is very neat, tidy and orderly.

Nanya Rock Formations

Minerals on the rock for a long time and hence, chemical reactions I believe.
When the sun shines on it, it looks like gold

No luck with sunlight. Else, the water will look like gold

Next stop - Jiufen
I love this place!
Near the entrance is this shop selling deep fried prawn ball. Very nice. 
We had another round before leaving...

Fishball, Sotong ball etc.
Very chewy

Not too bad Lu Rou Fan
Best is in Hualien. This is 2nd best. =)

Peanut Ice Cream being rolled up.
Call it Peanut Ice Cream Popiah if you want.
Nothing fantastic.

Yu Yuan
Mom preferred Fen Yuan

My splurge - Lots of stuff to brew Tea!

We didn't go to Shifen as I find it pointless in setting off sky lantern.
Not very environmentally friendly. It's just me... =D

Dreamy C

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 9

Departing from Cingjing today! If you ever want to leave Cingjing for Taipei or Taichung etc., I suggest you check out OK Bus. Convenient. We reached Taipei in about 5 hours! They stop mid-way at Puli Brewery where you can get some nice Fresh Milk Bubble Tea and it's also where The Dowager had a great time lancing lancing!

Don't say I neber share. Enjoy! Ha ha...

Another of Bo Bi before I leave!

OK Bus dropped us at Taipei Main Station. From there, we took the Metro to Ximen and checked in to Westgate! It's a really nice hotel. It even has a Bidget a.k.a. Japanese toilet! Scroll all the way down for a video on the room. I believe ours was the Grand Suite. I booked it really late you see...
Went to Mitsui Cuisine near Zhongxiao Dunhua Station for a nice dinner!

The Omakase Sets if you're interested.
I ordered the most expensive for The Dowager and the cheapest for me.







Aiya... don't remember ler lah...

Definitely hers. She love this! Steamed, so fresh and sweet!

Overall, money well spent. If you're going, remember to make reservations and remember to request to sit where the chefs are... We were in for a treat when we sat there! Crab Roe!!!

Video on Grand Suite in Westgate Hotel in Ximen

Dreamy C